Hello September / Hello Szeptember

This calendar page also goes with a super quick autumn dessert recipe.
Az ehavi naptári oldal együtt jár egy szuper gyors őszi desszert recepttel.


It’s okay to take a break / Kell egy kis áramszünet …

There is a Hungarian song which has the following lyrics: sometimes everyone needs a power blackout… so I won’t post for a while. I don’t know how much time, please be patient. I have several draft post in my pocket but something came up and it is much more important than anything else. Thank you….

Hello August / Hello Augusztus

Let me wellcome you as the 8th month of the year. Hello August.
Az év nyolcadik hónapja Isten hozott. Hello Augusztus.

In season – June / Szezonja van – Június

So we are already in June. Summer is here, the temperature is raising, vacations are on. So we have more time to cook and go to the local market. Make something on our own. Let’s see what we can choose from. Veggies: lettuce, red radish, kohlrabi, onion, spinach, green peas, new potato, new beetroot, cabbage,…